How to shop for your child within budget

If you want your child to look fashionable but on budget, then keep reading:

Make a list

When you have to purchase things on budget it is very important to write down the items your child really needs. For example he/she might not have proper clothes for a cold climate or shoes/socks. This will ensure that you don’t buy things that you don’t really need. Also writing your budget down will also help as you will make sure that you stick to it and not go overboard with spending. Kid’s collection can be really expensive so you have to keep an eye on the price tag while shopping. This can be a hassle so make sure you don’t take your child with you while shopping, you could take a sample of their clothes and shoes for measurement purposes.

Keep an eye on deals

This is something you cannot miss if you want to buy new clothes for your little one on budget. There are many stores who come up with amazing offers which saves a lot of cash so you need to be updated with it. Usually toys are hardly on sale but clothes from designer brands such as Zara and Splash are on offers during New Year’s and other festivals. Also another trick is to have a collection of points card from different stores. Once you get certain number of points, you could always redeem it which will again save cash.

Every penny counts

Sometimes one cannot find cheap clothes for kids, in certain countries it is more expensive than adult clothes. In that case you could try to save money from other things. For example when buying diapers for your child, always buy the bulk quantity as that is usually on discount and is relatively cheaper than the regular packs. Similarly when buying essentials such as baby creams and powders go for the store brand but make sure that the quality is good so your child doesn’t get any rash and other skin problems. These few hacks will help save a lot of cash which you can spend on buying outfits for your child.

Lastly you could even stitch their clothes. It is usually not practical to spend a lot of money on buying clothes for kids because they keep growing which means their old clothes either get too tight or short for them to wear. In this case it is sensible to find other alternatives for example you could give their clothes to stitch which is usually cheaper than buying from stores.

The above hacks will help you dress your child fashionably but on budget!

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