The Ultimate guide to baby clothes

Dressing up babies can be really fun and it is something new parents look forward to. However, there are couple of things you need to keep in mind when dressing babies, some of them have been mentioned below.

The material of clothes

Newborns have very sensitive skin so you need to be very careful about the material you choose. Don’t pick clothes based on how they look because some outfits look really pretty but the material might not be the best. Stay away from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and rayon, stick to 100% cotton so your child doesn’t feel too warm.   Since infants spend most of their time sleeping, you could pick up cute soft pajama sets from the baby shops. If you don’t find a suitable material, make sure you stitch their clothes. There are many tailors who specialize in stitching infant clothes.

Keep different varieties

You need to purchase different kind of outfits. For example if the weather is cold, you should buy thick material pajamas to keep your baby warm.  One has to buy onesies for their baby as it is very convenient for diaper changing and is also easy to wear. Apart from this you will have to buy tops and bottoms separate. Avoid denims or denims short because the material is too rough for your child. Instead go for soft cotton pants which will look super cute on them. Make sure that you don’t buy outfits which are tight as it can be really uncomfortable making them cranky.

Outdoor vs. indoor clothes

Unlike adults, kids don’t need to dress up when they go out as they look good all the time. Having said that one should buy separate clothes for baby outings. This is because there are so many varieties which will look good on your little one. For example you could dress him/her in soft pajamas at home, but when going out you should make him/her wear stretchy jumpsuits with envelope necks so it will help to cover their heard. You should also have different colour shoes/socks to match with their outfit. It is important to cover your baby’s head and feet when going out so they don’t catch cold and fall sick. However, make sure you don’t over layer them because this might irritate them making them cranky.

Lastly, make sure that your newborn’s clothes are washed separately. Do not use strong detergents and fabric softeners. Instead you could use a mild soap and soak the clothes in hot water with an antiseptic such as Dettol to keep it bacteria free. Cloth nappies need to be soaked with nappy sanitizer prior washing.

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