Mistakes to avoid when styling your child

Here are few mistakes you need to avoid making if you want your child to look fashionable.

Not dressing them according to their age

This is a common mistake that the parents make. They get carried away with the kids fashion magazine and end up dressing their child like an adult. According to the experts they are young and their innocence should be kept intact. In fact, if they dress up like adults it will make them feel the odd one and they will not be able to fit in with their friend’s group. Occasionally you can make your baby girl wear the same outfit as you do or let your boy dress like his father. However, on a daily basis you should make sure that they dress their age. This means you are not applying any make up or using heating tools on them as it can damage their hair growth at a very young age.

Not making sure they are comfortable                                       

There is nothing bad in trying to make your child look at his/her best. However, you should make sure that they are comfortable in what they wear. For example you might like a particular pretty dress for your child but if he/she isn’t comfortable in it you should not force them to wear it. This is because they might get cranky and be fussy the whole time. Also make sure that their attire is not too tight because it might irritate their skin causing rashes and other kinds of infections. You should make sure that the material is of good quality because some clothes might be very pretty but the material might not suit your child.

Not letting them do their usual activities

Certain clothes such as a tight short dress might stop your child from doing the usual activities such as playing and running. You should completely avoid such clothes because it will make them too conscious about their attire. You shouldn’t compromise fashion with comfort, also make sure that they are able to go to the washroom on their own. This is because certain outfits such as jumpsuits and romp suit can be inconvenient for them as they will have to remove the whole outfit in the toilet.

Lastly, you should never force your child to wear clothes that you like. For example there will be instances where you have picked a very pretty and expensive outfit for them to wear for a particular occasion, but if your kid acts too moody and doesn’t want to wear it you have to respect their decision. Let them give their own input with the clothes so you will know what he/she likes which will help when buying clothes for them next time!

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