Beyond Pink for Girls’ Clothes

When it comes to children’s clothing, you only need to spend a short time in stores or online to know there is an incredible range of choices available. The thing is that when you shop for children’s clothes, it is impossible not to notice that traditional stereotypes are alive and well — so many items for girls are pink, while blue is the dominant colour for boys’ clothing.

Why pink for girls and blue for boys?

There’s no denying that, just by looking at a baby, it can be difficult to know whether the baby is male or female. After all, babies generally have gorgeous round faces, little hair and very few obvious, distinguishing features that signify their gender.

There are some parents who choose to dress their little one in pink girls’ clothes because they want others to know their child is female and, of course, there are others who have their child wear pink because they genuinely like this colour and clothing that features the colour pink.

It is a similar case for boys. Some parents want others to immediately know the masculine gender of their son and, correspondingly, the extensive range of blue clothing that is designed for boy babies is so often worn.

Is it a problem?

The fact that the social construct of blue clothing for boys and pink clothing for girls continues to be closely followed is not essentially a problem. However, some people believe that dressing a baby according to colours traditionally associated with their gender implies ignorance and insensitivity. You only have to read some popular blogs and visit often-frequented websites to read such views and follow debates along these lines.

Ultimately, you should feel free enough to dress your baby in whatever you choose. However, because the arrival of a new baby so often results in a massive influx of very generously given gifts, you may find you have an abundance of pink or blue clothes, and the choices you make when dressing your baby are based less on your feelings about gender identity and are more influenced by the clothes you’ve received!

More than pink and blue…

Like fashion for older children and adults, children’s clothing comes in a variety of fashionable designs and follows trends. It is now possible for parents and those buying children’s clothes as a gift to acquire some absolutely gorgeous and very appealing items of clothing in colours and designs that are far from the standard ‘pink or blue’.

Colours:  Some of the cutest and most feminine girls’ clothes come in colours other than pink. Gorgeous dresses, jackets, pants and tops in colours including navy, red, green, yellow and even beige and brown are sold online and in shops. Of course, clothing featuring different patterns and combinations of colours also look great and are widely available.

Styles:  Perhaps one of the most significant reasons girls’ clothing is so much more than pink, pink and more pink, is because baby and children’s clothing now comes in many different styles that are cute, attractive and appealing. No longer are babies confined to onesies and children destined to wear only trousers teamed with skivvies!

For girls, the options are almost endless: dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans and pants, overalls, as well as shirts, tops, singlets, blazer style jackets, cardigans and ponchos are just some of the items that can be readily accessed in a spectrum of colours.

It really does not matter whether or not you dress your baby or child in a way traditionally associated with their gender. However, it is worth keeping in mind that children’s fashion has come such a long way and, increasingly, there are many more choices of clothing for baby boys and girls than just blue and pink.

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