Tips on styling your child

When it comes to styling your child, one cannot make them colour their hair or make them wear a 6 inch heel. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot make your child look stylish. Here are few things you need to keep in mind in order to make them look fashionable.

Keep it simple

There are parents who love dressing their child up, especially a girl child. While there is nothing bad in this, one cannot go overboard with it. For example you cannot apply makeup on your child. However, you could still make them wear fashionable clothes for example there are many cute off shoulder tops which will look amazing on your baby girl. In order to ensure that they don’t get cranky, make sure the material is soft and they are comfortable in it. Avoid making them wear tight clothes because it might not suit their skin causing them bad rashes. If it is a girl you could make her wear cute hair clips or hair bands. When it comes to boys you could do spikes which looks super cute on them. However, you should avoid hair gels or hair creams because the harsh chemicals will stop their hair from growing.

Be sensible with the styling

When it comes to styling your child, you need to be extra careful with things like weather and their mood. For example if it is really hot you cannot expect them to wear things like jacket because they will be fussy with it. Similarly, if you want to experiment with their looks make sure that he/she is in good mood. For example if your child is cranky or not feeling too good, then you need to stick with the basic comfortable clothes. Also make sure that the outfit doesn’t stop them from doing their usual activities such as playing with their friends and going to washroom by themselves. This is why jumpsuits are not recommended for kids because they will have to remove the whole outfit when going to the toilet which is inconvenient.

Don’t try to make them look big

You would have seen magazines where the girl child is dressed like her mother or the boy is dressed like his father. Although these kind of pictures look good occasionally, you shouldn’t make it a habit to make them dress like an adult. So make sure they wear outfits that make them look their age for example make your little girl wear the Barbie outfit or let your boy dress as a Spiderman because once they grow up they will not be able to wear the same kind of clothes.

Lastly, let your child have his/her own input. Let them choose between two or more clothes, this will tell you about their preferences and also build up their confidence.

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